[Ed’s note: In January 2010, right before Faboverfifty.com officially launched, founder Geri Brin got the “Natural Lift,”–a much-buzzed-about cosmetic surgery developed by Dr. Sharon Giese. (It has since been called “the plastic surgery of the future” by Dr. Oz).  Read about Geri’s experience in her own words, and check out her updated before-and-after photos, at the bottom of this series.]

I did something I swore I’d never do. I had “surgery light” on my face. I call it “light” because I did not have a facelift. I swear. Read on to see what I did, why I did it and whether it was worth it.

When my friend, Meryl, told guests about FOF at a dinner party, Dr. Sharon Giese said she wanted to meet me. “She thinks FOF women will be interested in a new technique she’s developed,” Meryl said.

Dr. Giese is a plastic surgeon. I called to set up a meeting.

January 6, 2010

A Tour of My Face

I haven't held a mirror this close to my face in years
Now it's Dr. Giese's turn to look at me

Dr. Giese and I decide the best way for her to explain her procedure, which she calls the natural lift by dr. Sharon, will be to point out what she’d do on my face. I sit on a high chair in front of this soft-spoken and beautiful plastic surgeon. She instructs me to look into a hand mirror as she examines my face, top to bottom.

“You don’t have a great deal of excess skin on the upper eyelids, but your eyes would look brighter and wider if some of it was removed. The lower lids could definitely use a lift,” she begins. When the cheek skin loses elasticity and sags, a cavernous look forms under the eyes and creates dark circles, Dr. Giese explains. “All the concealer in the world won’t camouflage them.”

Moving south, she comments that the laugh lines surrounding my mouth “aren’t too bad.” I reveal that “I recently had filler injections.”

Then Dr. Giese comes to my lovely chin, jaw and jowls. Pointing out the sagging cheek skin and the little pouch of excess tissue hiding a jaw line, she says this area is hit hardest as we age. “Jowls are the single biggest giveaway to an aging face. Yours make the bottom half of your face look older than 62,” she says bluntly.  I don’t disagree, but feel compelled to ask: “Why do most people think I look younger than 62?”

The jowls only a mother could love

“You have great style,” Dr. Giese says. “No one is concentrating on every inch of your face.”

Hmm. Now I was.

to be continued tomorrow…

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  5. Deborah Chase says:

    Your results are wonderful! And kudos for posting the entire process. I have been doing a similar self- renovation for almost a year. I am a health and beauty writer who one day looked in a store window and didn’t recognize the old woman who stared back. I started my career writing a book called The Medically Based No-Nonsense Beauty Book ( Knopf, 1976). I was in my twenties when I wrote it and back then aging was a theoretical beauty issue. Today, it is the ONLY beauty issue for me. I developed an anti-aging plan to attack the problem areas and posted the results, including before and after photos on my blog– nononsensebeauty.wordpress.com. So far I’ve had different laser treatments, IPL, Botox, air brush tans, Tri-luma for under eye circles and Retin A. The future includes LED lights, microdermabrasion, fillers and Pelleve to tighten the skin. I want to be able to share what works, what doesn’t and how much it costs. Last week I shared the before and after photos of my Zoom tooth whitening and this week I discussed the four anti-aging tricks celebs use to get ready for red carpet events. You are on my blog roll and I would love to embed a link to your spectacular make-over.

  6. Ah-men! | Fab Over Fifty Blog says:

    […] who follows this blog knows I had a little “work” done on my face less than two months ago. Although my looks aren’t dramatically different, I think I look […]

  7. Maravonda says:

    Hurry up and finish this story!!!! I am salivating…

    • Geri says:

      Hi Maravonda,

      Just posted installment two!


  8. JJR says:

    Geri, you looked amazing at the FOF launch party last night — and what a turn out!!

    And Dr. Giese is right. You have great style, and your outfit was fabulous.

    Congrats on the launch!

  9. Sadover60 (BILR) says:

    The best thing I can possibly say about the launch of the site, is the bottom left hand side of the splash screen!! I’ve seen one of those beautiful women someplace before. But because I’m sad, or is it mad, and over the age of 60, I just can’t remember where I’ve seen her. Oh well, no one is home now, so I’m just going to sit here and concentrate on that face. If I remember, I’ll let you know.

    BTW-A great start to the launch and may FOF last at least over 50 years.


  10. Geri says:

    You Wonderful Woman,

    It was a joy to meet you. We are excited to start a friendship with you. You are a brilliant writer.

    Love, Geri

  11. Amy Ferris says:

    what a treat. i met you & your dashing brother & gorgeous, gorgeous lina… and of course, debra kent — how fab! and ANYTHING ANYTHING you need from me. just nudge, or holler….
    PA is 90 minutes away. a quick drive.
    i am available for whatever you need. ANYTHING!
    a sexy vibrant fluid pulsating website. YAY!
    we women over 50 need this desperately. connections, friendship, dialogue. communication.
    i am grateful. so very grateful.
    all my love.

  12. Elaina Spilove says:

    Sorry I’m unable to join in the launch tonight but I know it will be a smashing success, it already is. The wisdom and energy “fab over fifty” has already created is a testament to all of us wfabulous women over fifty!

    Good Luck happy to be in such great company!


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