Giving giving some thought

I admire women who tirelessly devote themselves to important causes. I often wonder what connected them to the cause. Are they passionate about breast cancer because they’ve survived the disease or because it took the life of someone they love? Are they dedicated to the environment because they truly fear for the future of the planet?

I am not one of these women. I worry about global warming and breast cancer, but I am not an avid recycler or fundraiser for the Susan B. Komen Foundation.

I give of myself in other ways. I met a woman who had spent 16 years in prison and wanted to help her get assimilated back into society. I bought her clothes, made calls and wrote letters so she could move into a reasonably priced  apartment, and I mentored her about work.

My husband and I gave money to a young man in Turks & Caicos so he could buy a much-needed new van and continue being a taxi driver.

I’ve hired countless young people who needed to make money during the summer, even if they weren’t entirely qualified to do the jobs.

I’ve spent two years helping my aunt deal with advanced cancer.

I also donate to a variety of causes, but writing a check doesn’t take the same effort as giving in other ways.

But I guess it really doesn’t matter how we give, just as long as we give in the first place.

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3 Responses to “Giving giving some thought”

  1. Jocy says:

    I think that way of giving, maybe not to one particular cause but to many people’s causes (to their daily lives, really), is just as significant and noteworthy.

  2. Preppy 101 says:

    I agree 100%!

  3. Susan says:



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