Gore-y tale

What if you were married to your college sweetheart and loved him dearly, but had different ideas how you wanted to spend your FOF years?

You’d like a low-key life, enjoying the fruits of your labors with your family. You’ve traveled all around the world more than once and would prefer to stay close to home, entertaining friends, catching up on your reading or puttering around the garden. You want to exercise more, eat better and socialize less. You want to reflect on the past, live In the present and not worry about the future.

Your husband still craves parties and being the center of attention.He rarely turns down an invitation to an event, and can go nonstop into the wee hours. He eats and drinks with abandon, debates about anything with anyone and doesn’t stop to smell the roses. He still needs to prove something to someone, apparently not to you. He’s always looking for approval.

You’ve discussed your future together, but the scenario never seems quite right. Although you can’t imagine your life without him in it, you’re pretty sure you won’t be happy if he is. So you both decide to go it alone and see what happens.

I’m just guessing this is the story of Tipper and Al Gore after four decades together. It may be more comfortable and convenient for them to keep forging ahead, but it’s pretty courageous to take a step back and change direction.

My best to both of them, at least until all the facts come out.

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  1. Duchesse says:

    You noted you were guessing “this is the story”- yet I infer more acceptance for her than for him in your post. As my Dad would say when my mother and I would speculate about a relationship, “You never know what happens when the shades are pulled.” I’m glad that people who no longer want to be together decide to make a new start after 40 years.

    A Weed Whacker? That’s unforgivable!

  2. Preppy 101 says:

    I definitely think it’s a case of “cross purposes”, but other than that I wouldn’t venture a guess. I’m not a fan of Al Gore, so I’m trying not to say anything rude 🙂 about him. One of our papers here in Tennessee – they are from here – said there had been issues early on with Al having a lack of sensitivity. He gave her a Weed eater for her birthday one year. He had gotten better over the years! xoxo

  3. AnnR says:

    I thought I’d look the tabloids over at the grocery this weekend and see if I can figure out what the “real” story is!

    It is a little sad since they seemed like such a perfect couple, particularly in comparison to the Clinton’s, but I have to think that if they aren’t happy there isn’t any reason not to enjoy the rest of their lives as they wish.

    • Geri says:

      Hi Ann,

      Agree completely! My sister thinks one of them has a new amour.


  4. Duchesse says:

    You sound like you don’t like AL Gore very much, with comments like “craves being the center of attention” and “always looking for approval”. Do you know him or is this your guess?

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Duchesse,

      I actually do like him, don’t know him. I was only guessing (which I noted towards the end), based on what I’ve read and observed. He’s a political person, she isn’t. Am I making sense?



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