A Great Gift For The Little Kids In Your Life

When FOF Sandra Stahl’s son, Jack, was nine years old he invented a story about a little boy and his pillow pal, some of which was based on Jack’s real-life experience. “One night he had a fight with his pillow and thought it turned against him,” Sandra told us. Jack spent a few years tweaking his story, and eventually “we found a publisher,” Sandra said.

Jack’s charming book, Pillow Fight Night, has had terrific reviews from teachers, parents and kids, and Sandra asked if we’d tell the FabOverFifty community about it. We decided to test it out on Primo, my 4 ½-year old grandson.

Here’s the account from Simone, Primo’s mom (my daughter).

“Before my son Primo was born, in 2013, he already had a zoo of stuffed animals. Although I probably shouldn’t admit it, as a 36-year-old woman, I’ve remained attached to my first baby blanket. I always thought, however, that stuffed animals were wastes of space. So, when Primo was born, I tried to narrow down the stuffys (as we call them), which were taking up valuable space in his relatively small bedroom.

“Although Primo still had a selection of stuffys, he’s only genuinely been attached to one– his ‘Teddy!’ Teddy actually is a stuffed dog, but for some reason Primo has always called him “Teddy.”  We schlep Teddy to and from Primo’s pre- school, so Teddy can be at Primo’s side when he naps. When my dad read Pillow Fight Night to Primo, he just swapped the word pillow for “Teddy.”  Primo loved the book since he could totally relate to the little boy in the story.  This is the perfect book for a young child, especially one who’s attached to anything the way Primo is to ‘Teddy?’”

to buy Pillow Night Fight by Jack Jacob for the little kids in your life. Chanukah & Christmas are right around the corner.

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