Gunn-ing for bear

Anna Wintour’s bodyguards carry her down the stairs to escape early from fashion shows. (For any of you who might not know, she is the editor of Vogue.)

Isaac Mizrahi is a “spoiled snob.”*

These earth-shattering statements are revealed in Tim Gunn’s new book.

I ask you: Why do I care what Tim Gunn thinks about anything?  I don’t even care what he thinks about fashion and he’s supposed to be a fashion guru.

I care what Barack Obama thinks about Israel and the state of education in the US.

I care what my ophthalmologist says about my vision.

I care what David says when I ask him, “Do I look too fat?”

I care what a potential client says when I ask for the order.

I care what my daughter and son say when I ask them how they feel.

Theodore Dreiser was a brilliant writer. His book “An American Tragedy” is one of my faves.

Tim Gunn is not a great writer or an especially fascinating man, as far as I’m concerned. Regardless of what he thinks about anyone or anything, he should keep it to himself.  Does he really need to air his dirty laundry and make more money? THAT is An American Tragedy.

P.S. * Isaac Mizrahi is a supremely talented designer.  So what if he’s a snob?  I’m not dating him.

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  1. Toby Wollin says:

    Let’s see now…Tim Gunn is famous…for being famous. And he’s been on a show that a lot of people are addicted to, making perhaps what might seem fatuous pronouncements on what the contestants are doing. So, some book editor someplace thought “He’s famous; people will buy a book with his name on it.”
    That is what book publishing has become.


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