Hailing a mother’s spirit

One of the most heartbreaking, life-altering experiences for a woman is the chronic illness, disability or loss of a child.

Who can forget Shirley MacLaine in the 1988 movie Terms of Endearment as she struggles to deal with her daughter’s life-threatening disease.  Or Mary Tyler Moore in the extraordinary 1980 movie Ordinary People, who can’t come to grips with the death of her son.

Heart-wrenching terms of endearment
Heart-wrenching terms of endearment

My FOF friend, Carol, faces her son’s exteme handicap with grace and strength every single day.  A lawyer, devoted mother to two other children and wonderful wife, she has an indomitable spirit and is as beautiful outside as she is in.

I have never seen Carol down. She never complains. And she always greets me with a warm smile, enthusiasm and kind words . I imagine she aches when she looks at her son, but all I see and hear is her love, affection and encouraging words.

Carol and her son constantly remind me of the power of the human spirit, especially a mother’s.

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