Harvard spitz in his eye

How interesting that Eliot and his wife, Silda Wall, were on the cover of this magazine, which bills itself as "the lifestyle magazine for Harvard influentials." This was before the scandal. Harvard doesn't like him anymore.

Eliot Spitzer is the former Governor of New York who was forced out of office when the media uncovered his illicit affair with a high-priced call girl. I wasn’t a big fan, even before his shenanigans surfaced, because he had a holier-than-thou attitude about everyone, especially Wall Street execs.

But I take issue with the Harvard Club’s decision to reject Eliot’s application for membership. (A graduate of Princeton, he went to Harvard Law School.) I assure you, he isn’t the only member of the club with an affair under his or her belt.

What did the club expect to prove? I read that the executive director is a woman. I don’t know what role she plays in the membership selection process–if any– but I wonder if she has a vendetta against Eliot because he cheated on his wife?

Frankly. I’m anti social club. I never liked sororities or country clubs. I like glee clubs, book clubs and bird watching clubs because they bring together people with passions. They don’t choose their members based on connections and family pedigrees or make arbitrary decisions about morality.

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  1. AZ says:

    So, the former leader of NYS hired a prostitute for illegal sex and spent taxpayer dollars in the process… and the Harvard Club should welcome this loser with open arms? This wasn’t just an affair. How about taxpayer-funded NPR firing FOF Juan Williams? Love, AZ.

    • Geri says:

      Great point AZ


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