Rigby and I wandered into the H&M store near my apartment at around 7 p.m. yesterday. I bought a white, all-cotton, polo-style shirt; Mickey Mouse night shirt; pair of lightweight sweat-style pants; orange tee and a cute white tee that says, “Save The Ocean” in happy colors. My five purchases came to $65.

Every other shopper was a quarter to half my age. H&M is heaven for a young woman on a budget. It’s also an experience for FOFs who feel like going on a treasure hunt for trendy, incredibly-affordable clothes. A FOF friend calls them “disposable clothes,” because you won’t feel bad if you wear them five times and they fall apart.

H&M is a retailing phenomenon from Sweden, dating back to 1947 (as I do). It operates 2,000 stores around the world and has 76,000 employees. I loved finding four kicky items that I’ll probably wear all summer…for $65.

Breakfast in Manhattan can cost this much and it doesn’t last nearly as long.

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