How sweet it isn’t

From iced martinis to cupcake icing

I stopped drinking alcohol and soda three years ago, and although I don’t miss them one bit, I eat sweets more than I ever did, but only late at night. I scrape icing off cupcakes. I break off bits of cookies. I might even devour a pint of ice cream while I watch David Letterman or a rerun of The Nanny, which I never watched in the first place. You have to eat ice cream when you watch The Nanny.

My doctor said my body is craving the sugar I used to get from alcohol, which makes sense. Of course, there are smarter foods to eat than cupcake icing to get some sugar, like a square of dark chocolate or blueberries. I’m not always so smart, however.

I really want to put an end to this awful habit, and I’m vowing right here, right now, that I will. My nephew, Adam, is getting married on May 22, so I’ll strive to stay away from the bad stuff, at least till then.  I’ll also make a concerted effort to use the spinner that sits idle in my apartment. I managed to spin for 12 minutes this morning, before I went to yoga.

The first week is the hardest.  I’ve done this before.

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  1. Lisa says:

    I absolutely noticed that when I cut back on alcohol my craving for sweets increased.

  2. Holly says:

    I feel your pain! It really, really helped me to read Gary Taubes book “Why We Get Fat..”. Yes, the first week is the hardest, but that was 6 lbs ago. Wishing you the best of success in making new habits!

  3. Sharon Nord says:


    Good Luck with your challenge I know you can do it! I too have a wedding on May 21st and the thought of bear legs ugh!


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