I love our community

Blowing you all a big kiss!

I love being a member of different communities. When I’m in my friend Linda’s elegant yarn shop, working on a sweater, I instantly become part of the knitting community. When Adam is teaching me how to stand on my head, I’m part of the yoga community. And when I go with Max to hear Esperanza Spaulding, I’m a member of the jazz community.  Successful communities create a wonderful sense of belonging, and instill a sense of pride in their members. It’s wonderful, for example, to live in a neighborhood where everyone takes meticulous care of their homes and is friendly, or to get the support and encouragement of a community like AA or Weight Watchers if you have drinking or eating problem.

Everyone in the web business constantly talks about creating a strong community on their sites, but creating a sense of togetherness is easier said than done when people don’t know each other and have never laid eyes on one another. Mark Zuckerberg had a brilliant idea, but Facebook is no more a community than the world. It’s made up of a zillion communities.

FOF is on its way to becoming one of the strongest communities on the web for the most fantastic generation of women in the history of womenkind.

“This is the only site I visit regularly. It is so great to find some place that is focused on things that are pertinent to me. Thank you for a great site. Keep up the good work,” said FOF Charlotte.

“This is a fun website. It’s like being in a club,” said FOF Rosemary.

“Thank you for making such a F-U-N website. I look forward to your messages. Keep up the fantastic ideas,” said FOF Lisa.

“I always look forward to seeing what new ideas, info, style you will be posting next at Fab website. I love it,” said FOF Marissa.

“Great site, love the ideas and giveaways. I find it very informative and fun. Keep it going,’ said FOF Diana.

“I’ve loved this site since I first discovered it. It’s a daily must read! Always fun, informative, and a great place to win some really cool products! I’ll take you over Facebook any day!!!” said FOF Gina.

It thrills me to read these compliments from my peers because FOF strives to be everything they say, and more. We want the site to be as entertaining, smart, witty and wise as the women it represents. FOF will never replace being face to face with each other, but if we can build a strong community in this new world of communications, we’re doing our job.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and support.

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