“I love Paris every moment…”

I am inexorably and inextricably drawn to things French. French shoes (Christian Louboutin), baby and kids clothes (Bonpoint) perfume (my new fave is Une Rose from Frederic Malle), food (warm croissants and runny Vacherin cheese), art (Dubuffet and Bonnard) and, of course, the language (any word).

French women wrap scarves around their necks with unparalled panache, bejewel themselves with singular style and even fling handbags over their shoulders with a hint of haute haughtiness.

France is romance…beauty…saucy…and, of courses, sauces.

Starting tomorrow, it’s French week at FOF. You can win five nights in a Paris flat, join a Bespoke shopping tour and learn about Eiffel’s Tower. Our fashion gurus also will let you in on their fave French pieces in our new FOF Style Blog.

See you in Paree.

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  1. Kirin says:

    J’habite au Canada Geri, dans la merveilleuse cité de Montreal.

  2. Kirin says:

    Voiçi quelques bons mots pour vous chère Gerri,, j’adore votre blog. C’est un grand plaisir pour moi de vous lire tous les matins.

    • Geri says:

      Merci beaucoup Kirin. Où habitez-vous?



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