“I love you”

When love is in the air

I was scheduled to have a colonoscopy and endoscopy today to check out my insides, so my wonderful friend, Lois, emailed to wish me well. I emailed back to thank her and to tell her I love her.

She wrote back again and said: “You tell me that more than Eliot does. I love you, too.” I’ve been laughing at her response all day. Eliot is Lois’s husband.

Seriously, I love to tell people I love that I love them. And I love when people tell me that they love me.

I don’t mean quickly muttering “Love Ya” when you’re saying goodbye to a friend, writing LOVE at the end of an email, or during a passionate moment.  I mean saying “I Love You” just because you really do. Slowly, right to someone’s face, when he or she least expects it.

David sometimes tells me he loves me in the middle of a conversation or when he calls to say hello in the middle of the day. He even tells me he loves me when I’m being a pain in the neck, which can be frequently.

Listen to 30 seconds of Charlie Rich singing a “A Very Special Love Song.” You’ll get just what I mean. It’s one of those FOF songs.

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  1. Lois Whitman says:

    I love you Geri


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