I remember

The Beatles on Ed Sullivan in 1964

I remember sitting on my parents’ bed on a winter Sunday night in 1964 to watch a group called The Beatles sing on The Ed Sullivan Show. I can still recall the excitement in the small bedroom as my family gathered round the small TV. I was seventeen. I was in love (with Paul).

I remember coming home from high school on a Friday afternoon in the late fall of 1963, turning on the TV set and hearing that the President had been shot minutes before. I was 16.  I was bereft.

JFK moments before he was shot
Neil Armstrong walks on moon in 1969. Photo by Andrew Chaikin, NASA

I remember going with my husband to Central Park in the summer of 1969 to stand before a huge screen with thousands of others as an astronaut named Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. I was 22. I was exhilarated.

A child getting a polio vaccine in 1954

I remember waiting in line at school to get a shot in my arm in 1954 so I wouldn’t get something called polio. I was seven. I was terrified.

I remember dropping off my dry cleaning on a beautiful fall morning at around 9 am in 2001 and hearing these words from the young woman behind the counter: “A plane crashed into the World Trade Center.” When I went outside, fire engines by the dozens were racing down Lexington Avenue. I was 54. I was anxious but I didn’t know why.

The World Trade Center falls in 2001. Photo by Amy Sancetta.

Every one of our lives is filled with momentous moments, great and horrific. Every moment has played a part in shaping me into the FOF woman I am today. Life is scary, exciting, bewildering, depressing, awe inspiring, and about 50 other adjectives. But we only have one and we’ve got to live it with all we have.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Live it with gusto too!

  2. Geri says:

    Hi Maria

    Thank you.

  3. Maria says:

    So true Geri, so true.


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