I swear, it will make you gleeful

I’m mesmerized by a TV show called Glee. It’s almost impossible to explain it well, so all I’ll say is that it’s about every struggle, competition, failure, heartache, fear, joy and success we experience in our lives–as seen through the eyes of a group of high school kids in a glee club and their teachers, coaches and advisors.

Glee is about love, anger, guilt, ambition, jealousy, generosity and hate. It’s about teamwork and goals, about passion and purpose, about disabilities and rejection, about growth and choices, about prejudice and jealousy, about cheating and cajoling.

The completely endearing and talented cast sings and dances its way through every electrifying episode. You’ll laugh, cry, think, cheer, rejoice, tap your feet and bob your head through every episode (and there are 20 the first season.) Glee makes you glad to be alive and it should be required watching for every single teenager in the United States. If you’re well past your teenage years, Glee will reassure you that everything you’ve been though is a lesson you had to learn, and that the generations who follow us will carry on and shape the world with supreme style, grace and goodness.

Bravo to every single person associated with Glee.

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  1. Maureen@IslandRoar says:

    Glee is amazing; my whole family is in love with it. No topic is off limits and the musical numbers are crazy good!

  2. Geri says:

    Hi Sharon,

    How are you? I’m happy you’re enjoying Glee–and the blog.

    Love, Geri

  3. sharon segal says:

    I agree with you Glee is a great show. Hope its on for many years.


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