I’d have made a bad mouse

Rigby (our Norfolk terrier) and I were watching the cute little white mice that Petco sells as pets. Rigby would like to figure out a way to break through the glass to get to them.

I watch them running in circles on their itsy bitsy hamster wheels and I think how content they seem. When they’re not running around the wheels, they generally do a lot of hanging around and relaxing.

I’d have made a bad mouse. I don’t like feeling caged up or running around in circles. And I’m not a big fan of “milling around” (my son’s term). I learned in grade school that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, so I always try to take a direct route when I want to accomplish something within a specific time frame.

I don’t give people the runaround and I don’t like dealing with people who give me the runaround. I’m not good at stalling, procrastinating or missing deadlines. I love to accomplish things, finish projects, and move on. (I do, however, like to take breaks, even when I’m in the accomplish mode.)

Should you now think I’m a pain in the neck, please note that I said I try to take a direct route when I want to accomplish something within a particular time, such as planning a surprise birthday party, selling a client, finding the right doctor to treat an illness or launching FOF.

On the other hand, I love taking the circuitous Pacific Coast Highway to get from LA to San Francisco, spending hours on end talking to close friends about every subject under the rainbow and roaming up and down Madison Avenue on a gorgeous Saturday.

I love to laugh, too.  I can be no-nonsense and nonsensical all in the same day, sometimes even in the same hour.  Isn’t it great being FOF?

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  3. Geri says:

    Hi Preppy 101,

    Except when I ask someone if I look fat. LOL Thank you. BTW, I am going to post your blog in the fab faves section of the website tomorrow. Have you registered?


  4. Preppy 101 says:

    Really enjoyed this post. We share a lot of the same ideas about life and living! {I just bet you also always want the truth when you ask someone a question} 🙂 Me, too. xoxo


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