I’m taking his advice to heart

I bit the bullet and signed up for a 30-day trial membership at The New York Sports Clubs so I could use the treadmill. I just spent 30 minutes on it, at a speed of 2.5 miles an hour. I detest cardio exercise, but the cardiologist I saw advised me to do it six days a week for half an hour each day. It’ll help me lose the 15 pounds I still need to lose (I’ve lost about 6 pounds in the last three weeks), not to mention the other benefits.

I didn’t mind my treadmill session as much as I thought I would, maybe because I listened to music. The gym opens at 7 am and closes at 11 pm, plus it’s two blocks from my apartment, so I can’t complain about any inconvenience.

Besides the treadmill routine, I do Iyengar yoga for my balance, flexibility and peace of mind, as well as Vibration Training for my muscle and bone strength. It makes me tired just thinking of it all, but a FOF’s gotta do what a FOF’s gotta do!

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  1. Duchesse says:

    Big applause! I go to a gym that has individual TVs on the treadmill, only way I can bear it. Nate Berkus, or whatever, it’s allover before I know it.

  2. sharon Segal says:

    Geri, Sports clubs make their money from people who sign up but do not go. They will not make money from you. Keep up the good work .Ever watch the Biggest Loser? The fat drops off if you exercise. You do not too much fat to worry about, so in about a month you will reach your goal. Enjoy !

  3. Nicole says:

    Geri, I’m so proud of you. You look awesome no matter what, but exercising is always healthy for your mind, too. That is what I really love about running… Adam won’t be on my mind like he is every other second of the day. When I run, I think about nothing. I feel so free and untamed. It’s really amazing how you feel afterward. Like Adam says, “it’s called a runner’s high”. Can you imagine, you’re getting a HIGH without actually smoking. Wow. Another reason why I love it so much.

    And, I love you so much, too!

  4. Kate Line Snider says:

    MANY congratulations on the 6 pounds! (Losing weight is so much slower when you are FOF). .

    I’ve been doing my cardio at the mall with all the other old ladies, and you’re right- music helps.I find it easier with an IPOD in my ear. The mall is several miles from my home. I’m going to have to find a treadmill. There’s a “Y” nearby that probably has an FOF rate. I wish I could handle 6 days a week but my knees rebel!

    P.S., when I absolutely can’t the idea of exercise, I go window shopping at a very fast clip. It helps both my heart and my spirits.

    Keep at it Geri! Good job.

    • Geri says:

      thanks Kate

      went again yesterday and kept playing around with the speeds to keep me distracted. worked up a sweat. listened to beethoven’s ninth 12 times.

      • Kate Line Snider says:

        Dvorak’s 6th is good for about a mile at my pace! ( The last movement is the most inspiring!)


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