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We’re all guilty of buying gifts on the fly, without considering what the recipients would really want or need. This year, give the important faboverfifty people in your life thoughtful gifts they’ll absolutely appreciate, like these two exceptional pampering creams for their bodies and their feet from Edorai. They’re completely natural, chemical free and they work. What’s more, consumable gifts are all the rage!

A WORD ABOUT EDORAI (159 words really) 

Holli in her super soft, super cute bamboo cotton nightshirt, which is included in one of her pampering packages.

Among my greatest pleasures since launching FabOverFifty 10 years ago is meeting women who have “picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and started all over again”* after dreadful experiences. 

Meet Holli Rovenger, dietitian and marketing professional in the healthcare industry,  whose attorney husband lost all their money after 26 years of marriage. Not wanting to “just crumble” Holli has spent the last decade writing a financial self-help book, creating custom travel retreats for boomer women, and launching Edorai, a line of natural pampering products. Named after Holli’s mom Elaine, grandmother Dora, and daughter Dani-”who have empowered me to become my best”-Edorai is also a play on the words I Adore I.

As a professional dietitian, Holli has always advocated healthy eating. What we put on our bodies is just as important as what we put in them, she believes. With that in mind, Holli was determined to not only create safe and natural products, but to develop chemical-free products that work. “It’s confusing to know which skin care products are effective. They’re either natural and don’t work or they work and they’re not natural,” Holli says.   


Tirelessly working with chemists and pharmacists over many months, Holli formulated Edorai Soft, Silky, Sensual Foot Cream to nourish, rejuvenate and revitalize dry, achy and calloused feet. “Whenever I  have professional pedicures, I’m asked what I’m doing to my feet because my once calloused soles have become soft and smooth,” Holli told me.

A beautiful blend of restorative and nourishing essential oils, including apricot, grapeseed, jojoba, peppermint and eucalyptus, Edorai foot cream glides on like silk, hydrates and stimulates your muscles. Another key ingredient is arnica, a perennial herb from the mountains of Europe and Siberia that’s been shown in studies to be a natural healing agent. 

“Holli sent me her foot cream to try. It smells delightful, and a small amount covers an entire foot (BTW, I have big feet). I like to apply it after I shower. My rough soles felt and looked softer after a single treatment.” –Geri

Edorai “O, So Nice!” Soothing Cream, the company’s hallmark product, is a luscious cream made with full-spectrum CBD, a compound extracted from the hemp plant. It can be applied anywhere on the body and is sensationally soothing. Hemp is the non-intoxicating cousin of the medicinal marijuana plant, and its CBD can help reduce inflammation to relieve everything from sore back and neck muscles to aching hands and painful feet. The cream also includes the herb arnica, a natural healing agent. 

O, So Nice!” Soothing Cream works wonders for women and men (yes, men are loving it, too) with arthritis, fibromyalgia, sore knees/ pain, hand pain, back pain, neuropathy, headaches, sore muscles, leg pain, achy joints, foot pain and /or plantar fasciitis. 

 “A woman who came to the Edorai table at an event told me her arthritis was so bad that she couldn’t open a jar, but she was afraid to use CBD. She returned shortly after because she had decided to buy the Soothing Cream,” recounted Holli. And, the product changed her life. “She actually went bowling with her grandchildren. She’s thrilled, and has become my best ‘spokeswoman,’ Holli said. 

The cream doesn’t just treat ailments. It’s for everyone who wants to give themselves—and their muscles—TLC at the end of the day. Think of the different types of people who’d love it: All those who stand on their feet much of the day, such as doctors, teachers, and hair stylists.  Anyone who loves walking, running, spinning, biking, dancing, yoga, and working out. And, people who need nimble fingers, such as knitters, writers, musicians, and painters.

“Women rave about its light passion fruit aroma. No other CBD product has this combination of ingredients or smells so good.  People tell me I should double my price, but I don’t want to. I just want every woman to try it, feel good, and love the skin she’s in,” Holli said.  

Edorai products would make quintessential pampering gifts that will be appreciated, not shoved in the closet for regifting. Check out Holli’s three exclusive pampering packages for FabOverFifty. You can purchase each of her exceptional creams alone, or select a package featuring other (well-priced) indulgences. 

And, in the spirit of the holiday season, always-generous Holli is offering extra special pricing for women in the FabOverFifty community. Get the details now and start buying for your deserving friends and relatives. 

*adapted from the Dorothy Field & Jerome Kern lyrics for Pick Yourself Up

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