It’s a small world story

Sydney's self-portrait
Sydney's self-portrait

This is Sydney Townsend from LA.  She’s 21 and currently lives in London, where she’s studying for an MA is Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. When I noticed that had been featured in a blog called Blank Canvas, I checked out the author and found Sydney’s impressive resume. Her photography has been recognized internationally, she’s won numerous awards, volunteered for homeless shelters, run in marathons and even is a certified bartender.

I immediately sent Sydney an email:

Hi Sydney,

I am so impressed that you are only 21 and have done so much with your life.  By the time you are fifty you will be running the world. I found you because you put something about my website on your blog. What made you do that?  Send me a photo of yourself and I will write about you in my blog.

I love your photos and will add your blog to the list of blogs I love.


Geri Brin, NYC

Sydney responded right away:

Hi Geri,

Thank you so much!! What a lovely email to receive; made my day!

I came across your website via Joanna Goddard’s Cup of Jo blog,* and being a girl who went to an all-girls school from 7th-12th grade I love all things that point out how awesome women are – of any age. A great idea!

I shared your email with my dad, who I cc’d on this email, and he said that if you are interested, to see if you would like to come by for drinks tonight in NYC.  He and a bunch of his friends/colleagues/etc are having a 50th bday– about 50 of them turning or turned 50. Something along those lines…so, you are more than welcome. 7pm Locanda Verde

Anyway, thanks again for the compliments and have a safe, fun, and healthy holiday season!

Kind Regards,


Hysterical, I thought.

I did go to the restaurant to meet Sydney’s dad, Michael, who was in New York for a real estate conference and for a surprise fiftieth for his friend Beth.

I stayed for five minutes, but made sure to give Michael a pack of Fab Over Fifty cards to hand out to his Fab Over Fifty friends.


* Joanna is a friend and former employee, which makes the world seem even smaller.

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  1. Beth Bradford says:

    Geri…I am so sorry I missed you in NYC….WOW…what a surprise !!! The most amazing FRIENDS in the world!!! Fifty in February…..sooooooo I am entering in with celebration on every level….!!! The thing I LOVE about aging is….the wisdom of life makes us all so much more beautiful on every level!!!!! Thanks for taking the time to stop by….will be sure to reach out to you next time I am in the big apple!!!

  2. Maureen@IslandRoar says:

    It’s true. The women I know seem to keep getting stronger and stronger as people as they age.

  3. Geri says:

    Hi LPC,

    Me too!


  4. LPC says:

    I love this. Visible social media – media broadly defined:).


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