Judgment day

Judge Judy has turned judging into entertainment

All our lives, we’re always being judged for one thing or another, sometimes by total strangers.

We apply to college and a mysterious committee judges us by our essays, a bunch of grades and our extracurricular activities. We apply for a job and a prospective employer judges us by an hour meeting, our previous experience and calls to a few references. (Would we give them the names of bad references?!?) We pitch a new account and the prospective client judges us by our current clients, who have who judged us previously.

We’re judged by the car we drive, the clothes we wear and the money we earn. We’re judged by the titles we hold, the accolades we garner and the pounds we weigh.

We watch others being judged on TV, for their modeling, singing, dancing and cooking skills. In case we don’t have enough people judging us, we enter our pumpkins in contests, too.

No matter what judgments have been pronounced in each of our lives, we all eventually learn there’s only one that really counts: How we judge ourselves.

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  1. Robyn says:

    Wow ! Thanks so much for bringing back so many memories that I remember also.

    I guess you can say we have seen alot through our journey of life. Our generation is

    a big impact on American History. ~Regards~


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