Let’s makeup

I prefer makeup that looks natural. I’ve recently found four products that I love, and since FOFs love to share, here goes:

Hi Everyone!

Built On A Solid Foundation: I used to slather foundation on my face when I was in my 20 and 30s, but stopped using it entirely after that because it felt so greasy, even when I used a small amount. I could never find a shade that seemed entirely right, either.

When makeup guru, Jennifer Snowdon, recently used Paula Dorf’s oil-free foundation on my skin, I loved the way it looked and felt. It’s light and greaseless and it evens out my complexion.  I put a drop or two on my hand and then use a brush to apply it. The color I’m using is ivory.

It Makes Me Blush: If you’re like me, you’ve bought hundreds of blushes over the years. Creams, liquids, powders, gels. One salesperson recommends orangey blush, another pink. You love it for a week and then decide you don’t.

Paula Dorf’s Perfect Color cream blush, in a lipstick-style case, glides onto the cheeks and can easily be blended with the fingertips for a natural-looking glow.  The color I’m using is Ecstasy.

Glossing Over It: I’ve never been a gloss fan because those I’ve tried feel sticky on my lips. Jane Iredale’s Lip Fixation has a stain on one side and a gloss on the other. It doesn’t feel the least bit gummy. The stain also stays on my lips. The color I’m using is Devotion.

Keep Your Eye On The Line: Nouba’s Rainbow Eyeliner comes in delicious colors and lets me create a thin line because the brush has just the right amount of firmness. The consistency is perfect; it’s not too thick or too watery. The colors I’m using are #17, which is in the medium blue family, and #12, which is coppery.

Since I started using these products, people have complimented my makeup.  That’s always nice.

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  1. Geri says:

    Hi Deborah,

    You are welcome. Let me know how you like the foundation when you use it.

    Happy New Year.


  2. Deborah Milne says:

    Thank you Geri for the well appreciated tips. As we FOF’s get better & better our skin goes through significant changes, resulting in those old ‘tried & true’ products not doing us justice any longer.

    Cannot wait for one to try Paula Dorf’s foundation.

    Wishing you Geri a New Year filled with continued success, good health and happy moments.




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