Like daughter, like mother

Seems like advice books for and by FOF women are de rigueur right now. They’re dealing with subjects as diverse as how to wash our hair and what to eat to coping with loss and choosing our clothes.

I want to tell you about a book called Steal This Style by FOF Sherrie Mathieson and urge you to buy it as soon as you can, no matter how cool you think you look.

Sherrie has costumed Academy Award-winning actors, rock stars and athletes, including Susan Sarandon, Billy Joel and Brooke Shields. She also does style consulting for private clients. The subtitle of her book is “Moms and daughters swap wardrobe secrets. Looks that make hip classic and classic cool.” Working with twenty sets of FOF moms and their daughters (in some cases grandmother and granddaughter, or mother and daughter in spirit), Sherrie remakes FOFs with fashion ideas from the younger generation.

The idea is genius and the execution genius to the nth power. Left-hand pages show FOFs in Never Cool outfits, while right-hand pages show FOFs and FUFs in similar looks, but wearing pieces that are appropriate for their shapes and ages.

I loved looking through the book and spotting my own faux pas, even though I don’t like to admit I have any. It is going to be a permanent part of my reference library.

Click here to buy it for yourself now.  Sherri will love you and you will love it.

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