Losing his sheen

Before his sheen dulled

I love the TV show Two and a Half Men and think Charlie Sheen is perfect for the role of Charlie Harper, an alcoholic and sex addict. This is no sitcom; it’s a reality show. But when I heard a TV commentator suggest that CBS should fire the actor because his fat salary only gives him license to continue his errant ways, I though: “Hooey!”

CBS pays Sheen to star in this immensely popular show. CBS isn’t his mother, wife, AA sponsor or primary caregiver. Just as long as Sheen isn’t a disruption to the process of producing the show (apparently he isn’t), CBS should continue to reward him for bringing in moolah for the network. Period.

However, if I produced Two and A Half Men, I’d be formulating Plan B, because sure as shootin’, Charlie Sheen is going to do himself in at some point, even if CBS doesn’t.

If I were his mother, I’d be scared, although I’m guessing she can’t do much to help him if he doesn’t want to help himself. It’s a pity.  He is talented, even if his EQ is that of a two-year-old.

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  1. Nicole says:

    The TV commentator most likely recognized that Sheen is employed by CBS Corp, a publicly traded company. I’m sure that some significant shareholders were disgusted to learn that a “key employee” was associated with a real life cocaine drama. Correct that CBS isn’t his mother, but his employer and mother should be quite disappointed that his life is spiraling out of control. I certainly wouldn’t want this guy in my Platoon.


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