Make new friends, but keep the old…

I was chatting with another Gerri (double r), my FOF friend from Chicago, about why women never stop making friends, while men are content simply to keep the friends they have.

Notice how women bond...
Notice how women bond...

“We relax when we like someone and we start to share,” Gerri surmises.  “Men don’t chat on the spot with other men about a barber they discovered or a about a new suit they just bought.”  Gerri and I also think FOF women don’t feel as competitive with other women as we did when we were young. It pleases us to learn about new things and discuss new ideas with new people, Gerri believes.

And the way men do it
And the way men do it

Men bond over sports and drinks. Women bond over each other.

I met Gerri over the phone about five months ago when I interviewed her for We instantly clicked, and she invited me out to dinner with her close friends when they came into New York for the US Open on Labor Day weekend. The evening was stimulating, full of warmth, laughs, and great conversation. I met another FOF women that night, Katie, and we became fast friends as well.

Gerri came into the city again this weekend to “OD on the theatre” and we met for coffee this morning, happily chatting for three hours about our husbands, boyfriends, aunts, sisters, careers, children and stepchildren.

I can’t wait until all the FOF women from across the country soon come together for the launch of  I have no doubt many new friendships will be born that evening and will grow and grow.

It’s one of the great things that make FOF women utterly fab.

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2 Responses to “Make new friends, but keep the old…”

  1. Maureen@IslandRoar says:

    I love what you said about women being less competitive as we age. Some of my best friends have been made the last ten years.

    • Geri says:

      Thank you Maureen.



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