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FOF   How do your recommendations keep up with the ever changing developments in the supplement arena? It seems like today’s recommendations are being condemned tomorrow.

TB   We’re always updating our questions and recommendations as new science comes out, plus we have the knowledge of four MD’s, not just one, to help us stay cutting edge. We’re also nimble when it comes to making changes to our algorithm, because we own our in-house technology.”


FOF   Is your customized supplement service as good as going to your own personal nutritionist?

TB   “I’d say Persona is better than going to your own nutritionist because our nutritionists’ recommendations are backed by four doctors, with research behind it all. This elevates the experience. We’re giving the best of the best to our customers. It’s kind of a one-two-three punch.”


FOF   Where are your supplements sourced and how do you assure their quality?

TB   “Persona supplements are sourced in the United States from leading manufacturers that we have vetted over decades. I have personally visited all of them to inspect every process they use to turn raw ingredients into final products. Each supplement is tested to make sure our customers are getting exactly what the label says they’re getting. All our suppliers follow the FDA’s good manufacturing processes and are certified by NSF International, whose public health standards and certification programs help protect the world’s food, water, consumer products and the environment.”


FOF   How do your supplement prices stack up to those of comparable quality?  

TB   “Ours have high bioavailability, so the body absorbs them best for maximum results, and they’re delivered right to your door for 30 percent less than other premium brands. Although you can find less expensive supplements, they’ll never have the same quality.

“Your personalized supplements also come in convenient packets–one for morning and one for night–that are perfect for travel. No more straining to read the fine print on labels for directions on when to take what. Nutritionists on staff are available to answer your questions in real time. We personalize the whole experience because every customer is a unique individual.”


FOF   How many people have taken your online assessments to date and what trends have you identified about the FabOverFifty demographic?

TB   “Over 800,000 have taken our assessments, across all ages.  Interestingly, men over 50 years old are our best customers, followed by women over 50. About 70 percent of our customers across the board report sleep issues, as well as digestion and energy issues. Older people also are concerned about brain fog and heart health.”

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