Mothering instincts

A FOF friend who chose not to have children adores her niece and treats her like a daughter.  She even planned and paid for her niece’s wedding.

Another FOF says she’s “grateful for not having kids.”

A third is completely involved with her adult children’s lives; it seems like she defines herself by their successes and happiness.

And a forth leads her own life and lets her kids lead theirs. She loves them and wants them to be happy but she doesn’t get caught up in their every move.

FOF women make all kinds of mothers—or not. We may be our mothers’ daughters, but many of us took dramatically different roads than our moms when it came to our own children.

It’s not a cakewalk being a mother, and motherhood isn’t for every woman.  No matter what decisions we made yesterday, or what decisions our daughters make today and tomorrow about their kids, all we can do is try our best….

…Just as long as Joan Crawford isn’t our idol

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