Mothers of Reinvention

We are a driven generation of women and many of us have reinvented ourselves over and over since we began our careers.  I spent the afternoon with Catherine Del Spina, who started a sales rep firm in the home furnishings business when she was 23. Now 58, Catherine is working as hard as ever in a new career as a product developer specializing in sustainable products. (“You know, we’re a very green generation?” she said.) Although Catherine lives in a magnificent home, has a loving husband and two grown daughters, a world of interests from travel and cooking to collecting art and enjoying her garden—and she doesn’t need to work financially—she isn’t retiring anytime soon. “I can’t stop moving. I often wake at 5 am and start working,” Catherine told me. When she sold her rep firm almost a decade ago, everyone told her how lucky she was, but she was busy conjuring up what she’d do next. “People need to constantly change,” Catherine said.

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Catherine the great

I totally agree. I’ve been a magazine and newspaper editor and publisher my whole life, but saw that my generation of women was using the Internet big time. That includes me. So here I am, at 62, soon to launch a website,, for a group of women second to none.

What could be more exciting than inviting millions of phenomenal women to come together and share the things we love, the way we live and why we just keep getting better.

There will be no stopping us.

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