Music to my ears

I had no interest in going to Woodstock and can’t remember attending one single band concert in my teens. How weird is that? I loved The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and many other rock bands, but I have no idea why I wasn’t dying to go to see any of them live.

Colin Meloy, second from right, and The Decemberists

It’s never too late. Last night, as another snowstorm started to whip into New York, I headed with Max, my 20-year-old nephew, to see The Decemberists at the famous Beacon Theatre. They’re one of Max’s favorite groups and they’re called an Indie Rock band (not part of the mainstream, whatever the mainstream is these days.)  I had never heard of them, natch. I love the name.

The theatre was jam packed. I joked to Max: “If you add up the ages of everyone here, I’m still the oldest.” Well, my dear FOF friends, this one one cool concert. I loved the group’s beat and energy, as well as the repartee of the lead singer and songwriter, Colin Meloy. I couldn’t distinguish most of the lyrics (I’ve never been good at that), but I got their drift. I bought two CDs, however, so now I understand the lyrics of one of my favorite songs, O Valencia! Listen to it here.

Max introduced me to jazz and now to Indie Rock. Will FOF wonders never cease?

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  1. Preppy 101 says:

    I like it. Thank you! {and no, The FOF Wonders never cease, thank goodness ;-)} xoxo


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