My daughter finally makes up

My 29-year-old daughter, Simone, did something for the first time today: She bought makeup. Fair-complected with blue eyes, she’s a natural beauty who isn’t a fan of hair salons or cosmetic counters. I’ve long thought she should wear at least a little makeup, but Simone never agreed, so I stopped bringing up the subject.

Mone gets made up

Today, as we were strolling up Madison Avenue, I mentioned that I wanted to buy a lipstick. “Noel thinks I should wear some makeup,” she suddenly reported, but didn’t let on  whether she agreed with her long-time boyfriend. I saw my opening when I was looking at lipstick shades at one of Barney’s gazillon cosmetic counters. “Why don’t you let this young man put some makeup on you,” I casually suggested. “If you don’t like it, you’ll take it off.” (Now, that’s a genius thing to say!)

Simone agreed to have Fifo, the charming makeup maven who was helping me, apply lip gloss, eye shadow and liner. She was pleased by the results and bought a pale pinkish shadow, a black pencil liner, a couple of brushes, a pale pink gloss and a package of wipes to remove eye makeup. She wasn’t going near the mascara or blush, she told me. “I’d feel weird.”

A little bit of makeup really does go a long way, I think. Who couldn’t  use a bit of color in her life, even my colorful daughter, Mone.

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  1. catherine says:

    Hey Geri…………OMG, Simone looks just like you…:-)

    I, like Simone, never really wear make up. Occassionally I think I should and go out and buy lots of it. I think that by having it, I’ll use it.
    But in reality, the only thing I really use is the lipstick.
    Time passes, the make up gets old and I throw it out. But, because life is cyclical I buy it again in a a few month only to repeat my make up insanity..

    I’m with you Simone, some of us are just natural beauties even when we’re FOF!

  2. Nomi says:

    Noooo, Simone! Stick to your standards! Appreciate your lovely natural coloring! Makeup tends to age people and makes women look hard and haggard.

  3. Duchesse says:

    I’ve always found mascara the cosmetic that truly makes the difference. Your daughter looks like a natural beauty.


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