My idol Ellen

Ellen Degeneres and American Idol never seemed to me like a match made in heaven. First of all, I wasn’t sure what qualifications Ellen had to critique singers. That small point aside, her funny and warm personality didn’t mesh with the tone of the show.

Watching Ellen a few times during the last few months confirmed my feelings. She seemed uncomfortable and out of place. She couldn’t call up her humor or warmth, except maybe when she loved someone’s voice.

Bravo for Ellen for deciding to step down from her position and let others play judge. She doesn’t need the money. She doesn’t need the exposure. And she sure doesn’t need the association.

One of the greatest plusses about being FOF is having the confidence to know what we should be doing, rather than doing what everyone says we should. Another plus is having the ability to step away from icky situations.

As it is, we spend enough of our lives doing things we have to do. Why do things that have nothing to do with who we are and who we wish to be?

It’s called being true to oneself, something we can never do too much.

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