My old friend

FOF friend, Barbara, and I have known each other for over 25 years. My ex-husband, Douglas, worked for her husband, David, and the four of us became pals. We spent many funsy weekends with our kids at their lovely house in Westhampton. Barbara is a stellar cook and hostess.

Over the years, as our lives took new turns, I lost contact with Barbara, but my aunt Sylvia, who also worked for David for a long time, kept me up to speed on big events in Barbara and David’s lives.

I saw Barbara and David almost a year ago, when I went with Douglas to a dinner party at their house in New York. Douglas is now in a book group with Barbara. After the party, Barbara and I talked a few times, but again, we didn’t reconnect.

I was walking home from brunch this afternoon, when I ran into Barbara, as we crossed the street in opposite directions.

“Wow, I was telling David this morning how we should have dinner with you,” Barbara said.

“Will you be at Douglas’s cocktail party on Tuesday?” I asked her. (Douglas is quite the social butterfly.) “Yes,” she answered.

“That’s great. I will too. We should make a date then.”

And I will. We lose track all the time of people who were once good friends. Maybe it’s a big city phenomenon. Maybe it’s just human nature. But it’s always fun to pick up where you left off. Our lives are intricate. But there’s nothing as simple as enjoying the company of an old friend.

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  1. CDS says:

    Over 30 years ago a business relationship turned personal.

    Cathy and I had lots in common beside our work so our relationship blossomed. But, somehow we lost touch. FYI: neither of us can remember how it happened.

    She had a dream about me 8 months ago and decided it was time for us to reconnect. Facebook to the rescue. There I was, she pinged me and we were both delighted!

    We’ve picked up our friendship, as if time had not passed.
    My daughers learned this song in grammer school. It’s so true:
    “make new friends but keep the old
    one is silver and the other is gold”


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