Nominate An Inspiring Woman You Know

Heather Lee. Photo: Chris Kidd /

Heather Lee, a 92-year-old woman in Australia, holds five world and eight Australian records for racewalking, trains at least three days a week, walks at least 10,000 steps on a typical day, and likes to be a role model for “women in their middle years who are putting on a few pounds or thinking of slowing down,” she said in an interview in The New York Times. “Age is no barrier to anything, really,” Heather stressed.  

Reading about nonagenarian Heather I thought about all the ordinary women in every single city and town across the United States, and all over the world, who are doing extraordinary things.  For themselves. For their families. For their communities.

  • Maybe she’s a grandmother who stepped in to raise her two young grandchildren when their parents couldn’t.  
  • Perhaps she’s serves or cooks lunch twice a week at a homeless shelter, or reads every day to sick children who are living in hospitals for months on end.
  • Or she’s returned to school for a degree after decades raising her own children as a struggling, single mother.

Just as Heather’s story inspired me to get my body moving and shaking, I’d love to ‘meet” other exciting and passionate women who are rarely recognized for their undertakings and accomplishments. 

      1.   Please nominate one woman like this who you know.  She could be a co-worker, a relative or a woman from your community.

     2.   Write a short description of what the woman does that inspires you.  The only stipulation is that she be at least 45 years old.


We will choose one woman each week to interview and introduce to the FabOverFifty community. What a wonderful gift you’ll be giving to her! And what a wonderful gift she’ll give to us all.

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