Now you can really “read my lips”

I am sick and tired of buying lipstick that I don’t like 24 hours after I buy it, for a variety of reasons: A.) the color B.) the texture C.) the lack of longevity.

So when I heard about Fabrice, who applies permanent makeup to lips, eyelids and brows, I made an appointment. The 40-year-old Frenchman comes to the US from Zurich one week a month and works out of the Yasmine Djerradine spa in Manhattan, where I’ve had wonderful facials with Nathalie.

I had no idea what to expect, but I’m always game for something new, so I let him get started without asking a barrage of questions. First stop, lips. After applying a topical anesthetic, Fabrice outlined them, asked if I approved, then injected vegetable and mineral pigment. The process wasn’t pain free but it was definitely tolerable. I’m happy as a lark with the results. Ditto the eyeliner, which is a perfect, delicate black line. The procedure took a bit less than two hours. There was modest swelling for a day.

A close-up of my lips. They are a tad chapped, but that will disappear

Fabrice has been a “permanent aesthetic pigmentation artist” for eleven years. “European women are bigger fans of the procedure because they’re less afraid than American women,” he said. It’s safe as long as you find someone good to do it.

I did, however, have to sign a medical waver.  I’m glad I can still see and don’t look like Joan Rivers, God bless her. Sometimes I can be a little nutty, but I’m having fun. So far, the reaction has been favorable from friends and family.

BTW, my permanent makeup should last about two years. It also was a splurge.

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  3. Marjip says:

    What a sweet way to start the day-ready to go & lookin’ good! Give a wig a shake and it’s perfect. Love it-& looks great.

  4. Susan says:


    You look very pretty. I’m not a fan but yes, my European friends are more interested. Though one friend here (French) is not….because she’s a makeup artist:) I have a few standby lipsticks & she hands over things she thinks will look good. But I don’t sweat it too much. My problem is remembering to brush my hair…but that’s another story.

    Cheers to your courage…

    PS: I’m glad to know it’s 2 years, BTW, didn’t know that about perm-makeup. Good to know. Thanks for telling us.


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