Oh, what a tangled web we weave

It is entirely possible to drive yourself crazy trying to determine which vitamins and supplements to take, what medical tests to have, and then to actually swallow the pills and plow through the tests.

We could spend days on end reading about the latest research and talking to doctors and nutritionists about it all.

Hundreds of websites advise, lecture and scare us, often filled with blatant contradictions, errors and stupidity. A great deal of the content on site after site appears to be rehashed, regurgitated and recast from other sites. Take it from me. I’ve been a journalist for over four decades. I may not be able to tell a real Kelly bag from a fake, but I know unoriginal content when I read it.

Knowledge may be power, but I feel absolutely powerless to make an informed decision as I make my way through so much unedited, unfiltered and unreliable information.

Do I take fish oil or chia seeds (any relation to Chia pets)? How much calcium? With iron or without it? Do I have a lung xray or a lung CT scan?

I am going to sound like an ad now, but FOF will never present anything but clear, original, concise and expert content on critical subjects such as our health.  We’re working closely with brilliant, dedicated docs from The Cleveland Clinic and elsewhere to give you information you can trust every single time.

Check out some of their advice now.

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One Response to “Oh, what a tangled web we weave”

  1. Sherry Derosa says:

    Oh, Geri! Thank you for this post! As a breast cancer survivor, I grow weary of trying to get everything to do with nutrition, supplements, lifestyle, etc. “right.” Living is often lost in my diligent effort to stay alive! Ah, still another lesson in mastering this journey. Reading your words lightened my spirit and reminds me that that in sharing our thoughts with one another we receive a powerful, natural medicine that heals. Thank you for adding The Cleveland Clinic as a resource for all of us fabulous women!


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