On the streets where I live

Rigby and I don't look like this, but it's a cute illustration

Walking Rigby in the evening gives me a chance to decompress and to focus on fun, interesting things in my neighborhood.

One evening I might pay particular attention to the penthouse  terraces of grand old apartment buildings in my neighborhood. How cool it would be to have a big ole “backyard” in the sky overlooking Park Avenue or the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Another evening I might be drawn to every shop window, even the displays in the CVS Pharmacy across the street from where we live.

Tonight my eyes met those of an elegant FOF woman, and we smiled to one another. She looked to be in her seventies, maybe close to eighty, and she had her arm linked with a man’s, perhaps her husband of many years. Her smile and her demeanor made me think she was a happy woman.

It warms my heart when I see couples like this. I am going to start looking for one every single day.

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