Our Collective Weight

Exercising Our Influence
Exercising Our Influence

If only I could have been sixty when I was forty.

I’d have trusted my instincts more and my boyfriend less, been a smarter mother and a sweeter daughter, a calmer boss and a quieter critic, a nicer sister and a greater listener, a bigger reader and a smaller drinker, a wiser judge and a humbler achiever.

But my have I learned.  So have millions of Fab Over Fifty women, including Forrest from Northern California: “I am 61 years young, have a wonderful career in which I am able to mentor others with all my experience and a family that thinks I am fun to be with. I cannot see slowing down until my body tells me I have to. Today, I know myself, and am comfortable with myself more than any other time in my life. Life is good!!”

Our generation of women is the healthiest, wealthiest and most active generation of women in history, according to Mark Miller, a consultant, blogger and journalist on the Fab Over Fifty segment. We control a net worth of $19 trillion and own more than three-fourths of the nation’s financial wealth, said a 2007 report from the MassMutual Financial Group.

The time has come for faboverfifty.com. Youth really is wasted on the young.

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