Our Shining Sons

FOF women know that many of the men in our lives–our husbands, brothers, partners, male friends our age–just don’t get it when it comes to sharing passions and disappointments. You’ll hardly ever catch a man commiserating with a male friend about a bad haircut, exuberant about a new cologne or discussing the dynamics of their friendship.

But what about our sons? Are we having a greater psychological influence on them than our mothers had on our brothers?

Maybe not greater, but different.

Our sons are more accepting of their wives who want to work.

Our sons are less threatened by wives who earn more than they do.

Our sons have lots of female friends.

Our sons aren’t afraid people will “talk” if they go out with another man to a movie or dinner.

Our sons aren’t reticient to give us a hug or a kiss on the cheek.

Our sons actually think we’re fairly intelligent and they might even learn something from us.

Our sons treat their sisters as equals.

Our sons enjoy taking a vacation with us.

Our sons are pleased to call us  friends.

Our sons even know how a washing machine and stove work—and might give them a try once in a while.

We did a mighty fine job, my FOF friends. We sure did.

I hope our sons agree.

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  1. Geri says:

    Hi Marji,

    your sons sound wonderful. you are blessed, and so are they.


  2. Marjip says:

    Fortunate to be a mom of three sons, three wonderful friends and companions! Attend a movie? Go out for dinner? Lets go shopping for it. Mom, let me help you with that-I’ll be over shortly. These are the phrases I hear from them all the time. They think I’m not asking them for enough help, but I do enjoy being able to fend for myself, too. Each of them has a loving, caring wife who has become a daughter to me. Their children range in ages from 26 to six. We share so many family gatherings and cousins have become as sisters. My sons have become husbands, dads, and one just became a grandfather. I’m amazed at how close they are to their children, along with their wives. So enjoy being with them, our conversations about anything, and there just aren’t any barriers. I have been richly blessed with these men. Just sign me off as GRATEFUL FOR SONS!

  3. David says:

    really enjoy your insights. you consistently have me thinking as to what makes this world go round. keep up the good work.

  4. Duchesse says:

    I have twin sons going on 23. They were so deeply sweet when they were 4, 5, 6 (really up till 10 or so) that it wrenched my heart. The teen years, though not troubled or scary, were trying- we went from Buddhism to Communism with many isms in between! Then around 19 or 20, the sweetness came back into them. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  5. Helen says:

    This is a terrific post that describes some of the wonderful young men today. Mine is 22 years old.

    • Geri says:

      Thank you Helen.

      Mine is 31.


  6. Geri says:

    Hi Toby,

    Do you have a photo of you and your son I can use on the post?


  7. Toby Wollin says:

    Yep – my 23 year old son and I are best buds when it comes to going to the movies. He was the one sitting next to me when I went to see “Julie and Julia” – I am the one sitting next to him when he goes to see Japanese anime films.


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