Playing The Frame Game

When I asked you, my FOFriends, to vote on the frames you thought I should buy, 68 percent of you chose Well Red and only 5 percent of you chose Orange Is The New Black. I also loved the Well Red frames when I tried them on, but had already decided to buy the frames few of you preferred. If I could afford to buy two frames, I’d have bought Well Red, too.

I chose the orange and black frames because they’re bolder.

I’m going to alternate wearing them with the frames I’ve worn for the last three years, which are more subdued.  While I appreciate that others might not like the bright orange, I think they’re fun. Orange is my favorite color!

A former friend would often make fun of my multiple rings and bracelets. My eclectic style is wildly different than her classic choices. I feel comfortable in clothes and accessories that she wouldn’t wear under any circumstances.

I guess variety IS
the spice of life.

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