Prima Facie

I don’t know many women who look in the mirror and say: “Bring on those wrinkles” or “Love those wrinkles.”

Up to her chin in turtles
Up to her chin in turtles

Katherine Hepburn wore turtlenecks and sunglasses as she aged. Today, sales of anti-aging skincare products in the US are soaring: Growth during the last two years was 13 percent, to $1.6 billion, according to Market analysts predict that those of us who want to remain as young looking as possible, for as long as possible, will drive this growth 20 percent through 2013.

The key phrases here are “young looking,”  “as long,” and “as possible.”  It’s hard to argue with this goal, unless of course you’d prefer to look old quicker. That doesn’t mean taking the Joan Rivers approach. There is, after all, a point of no return with plastic surgery, no matter how much your disposable income or how skilled your surgeon. Our skin can only take so much.

It does mean buying creams, lotions and serums that help protect the outer layer of our skin, keeping the moisture in and the toxins out. If we can eliminate a bunch of crow’s feet and laugh lines, I say yes sir. We have so many choices today, so we can experiment to see which products work best. That includes giving some of the drug store brands a try.

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