Rain, rain go away…

Funny how people get cozy before  impending danger, like a hurricane. They seem almost joyous. Excitedly chatting while they’re lined up in supermarkets to buy  bottled water, canned goods and plenty of snacks to get them through the ordeal. Scurrying around to grab the last batteries and candles on the shelves. Even the management of our apartment building distributed a memo filled with advice how to stay safe, which is especially amusing (ironic/disingenuous) since the new owners are converting  the building into multiple-million dollar condos and throwing us all out when our leases are up. I guess they want us to stay safe so we can pack up in time.

New York officials are acting like the end of the world is near.

There's mighty mini Mike (the one with the suit and red tie), watching workmen prepare for the hurricane.


Mayor Mike is on TV every hour, looking dramatically earnest and concerned as he announces the cessation of subway and bus service at noon today. He’s a pretentious little uber-rich guy who lectures to us when there are no disasters, so you can imagine his demeanor now.

I wish everyone well who is in the path of the hurricane. I’m not an alarmist, so I don’t think the impending storm sounds like it’s going to wreak havoc on us. Let’s all hope I’m right.

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One Response to “Rain, rain go away…”

  1. Cecile says:

    Good Monday morning!!!!!

    How are you New Yorkers faring? I am sooo very sorry you had to go through what we here in Florida fear every single year! I hoped Irene would just dissappear in the cold waters of the Atlantic. Never thought it would keep on going right through Atlantic States and New England!! I truly hope all of you are ok, and that you don’t have to deal with another hurricane in this lifetime!!




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