Routines I Can’t Escape

1. Texting my daughter every morning, the moment I wake up, with the message “MM” (morning Mone)

2. Relaxing after the day at work by watching Jeopardy at 7 PM, before David arrives home.

3. The moment David and I sit down to dinner, although we usually eat so fast, it’s a fleeting moment.

4. Seeing photos and reading descriptions of the four featured apartments or homes on sale, in the Sunday New York Times Real Estate Section (which we get on Saturday).

5. Having ex-husband, Douglas, to dinner on Tuesdays, after which we play Scrabble (I’m one of the few people who can beat him, which makes him crazy).

6. Crawling into bed around midnight and playing Words With Friends and Spell Tower, sometimes for hours.

7. Having morning coffee with sister Shelley, when she comes to work with me three days a week.

8. Watching the addictive shows of the season, currently Downton Abbey, Girls and The Walking Dead.

9. Trolling Facebook to see how the most narcissistic people I know (there are many) are patting themselves on the back this week.

10. Walking and window shopping on Madison Avenue.

1. Loading and unloading the dishwasher (I’m counting these as one since my list is so long).

2. Sorting and doing the laundry (again, counting as one).

3. Bringing the recyclables to the basement of our apartment building.

4. Cleaning our white lacquered dining table after dinner.

5. Changing the light bulbs throughout the apartment, which are part of a complex ceiling and wall lighting system.

6. Unpacking the boxes of food after a supermarket excursion.

7. Taking vitamins and pills in the morning.

8. Getting out of my PJs when I’m working at home all day.

9. Thinking about exercising (notice, I didn’t say exercising itself which, woefully, I don’t do much. Guiltily thinking about it is more than I can bear.)

10. Getting ready to go out, especially putting on makeup, which I try to do in 5 minutes or less, since it’s so darn boring.

Tell me the routines you love and hate!

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8 Responses to “Routines I Can’t Escape”

  1. RL says:

    I am totally addicted to spinning and spin five to six times a week! and the one to two days I don’t, I go on my treadmill in the basement. Period. No fail. For three years. 🙂

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi RL,

      You must be in great shape. I admire your perseverance.


  2. Nancy says:

    Things I Love:1) waking up.After breaking my neck every day is a victory!
    2)Hubby brings me oj in bed .3)Having work to do in my Pj’s,painting &an Ebay store.4) hearing from a friend. 5) Never having to change out of Pj’s.
    Things I hate: 1) Never changing out of Pj’s…I’m soooo lazy.2)Not exercising
    3)Not finding my muse instead finding more to sell.4)NEVER going out anymore!!!!!5) learning to accept myself,warts & all.Ya got me at 10!

  3. marlene seelig says:

    how long it takes to get ready for bed. Take make-up off,
    2 steps, eye make up first, than face, brush teeth, shower,
    spray lotion on body, lotion on face, under eye different lotion, take contacts out, cream hands, take calcium, take zrytec and leg pill (horse chestnut)phew I am exhausted thinking of it and writting it!

    • Geri Brin says:

      Hi Marlene,

      I got exhausted reading your nighttime routine. 🙂 but I admire you for taking care of your face and body every night. I never take my makeup off before bed. I am so lazy about that so I just gave up.


  4. marsha says:

    Enjoy: Walking – every day, 45 minutes or so, in the morning; morning coffee with newspaper; the excitement of seeing if there are any personal or business-related emails (not ads); scrutinizing a handful of web sites. Loathe: Getting dressed; getting undressed; putting on makeup (I skip this often); fiddling with laundry (particularly ironing); unloading the dishwasher (strangely, I don’t mind loading it or doing the hand dishes). Loathe beyond description: Dying my hair.

    • Geri Brin says:

      great list Marsha!



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