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Jeffrey Sachs, a renowned American economist, presented a clear and concise observation about our country’s economic turmoil the other day on a morning talk show. He said no one in our government really has a handle on what to do about our out-of-sight debt, bleak unemployment statistics, social security sickness or hemorrhaging health care system. One day President Obama cites one set of financial statistics; the next day, he cites new numbers on the same subject, Sachs said. No one knows where the statistics came from, how they were derived or what they mean, including the president. We have no idea who is really in charge of monitoring the mess. In the meantime, President Obama is busy raising money for his next election, rather than fixing the country’s money woes.

Economist Jeffrey Sachs was one of Harvard's youngest economic professors.

If I were president, this is what I’d do: I’d go on TV and say the following: “Our nation is in serious trouble. I do not care about The Tea Party, the Democratic Party, Mitt Romney, Donald Trump or Michael Bloomberg. I am not going to fund raise, stomp all over the country, or make pronouncements about how great I am. Instead, I am going to gather the 50 brightest minds in this country, including professors, economists, doctors, health administrators and businessmen, and we are going to stay together in The White House until we come up with a plan to put our country on the right path. We will live together, eat together, meet, debate and stimulate each other’s intelligence. I have about 20 months left to get this right, and if I do, I will earn the right to be your president again.”

I am sick and tired of our political system. I am sick and tired of watching bombastic bozos like Donald Trump commanding attention for their antics. Obama needs to become the leader he promised he’d be, instead of leading us further into the woods.

PS Jeffrey Sachs would be one of my chosen group. Donald Trump would not.


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  1. Barbara says:

    Excuse my typos. Should read: …I’ve seen too many other blogs…

  2. Barbara says:

    Does anyone honestly believe that if anyone else, of either party, were in the White House, at this point, they would not be planning their re-election? That said, I agree with the other posters…I’ve seen to may other blogs and sites that did not set out to be political, turn ugly. Save our FOF-keep it a political-free zone!

    • Geri says:

      Hi Barbara and all my other FOFriends,

      I swear I wasn’t intending to be political but to bring up the fact that our politicians, whatever side they’re on, are failing us.

      However, I promise I will keep FOF political free from now on.


  3. Candy says:

    I disagree with you totally politically but this is your website. I would think you are free to post anything you want. Your only risk is losing readers. That is what is great about all of our freedoms in this country, we can speak up. I personally think Sachs is an academic that has never experienced the real world. People like him and Obama who have lived in a academic bubble do not have the perspective to know how their policies appear and affect people who are out in the world trying to hold a company together. Jobs help people more than a government check. I pray for our country because all of them, including Trump are destroying our country

  4. Kate Line Snider says:

    I like this post; I like what Sachs said, but I am sorry it was posted. There are online soapbox blogs, devoted to debate, at which to air opinions on heated social issues. U.S. society is far too polarized. Being FOF is actually unifying! I don’t think it us appropriate to argue policy here.

    • Geri says:

      Hi Kate,

      I hear you. I wasn’t trying to argue policy but to suggest we need leadership. Sometimes, though, i think it’s good for us to discuss issues like this.


      • Kate Line Snider says:

        You’re right. Just so much arguing about these issues, I hate to see something posted that stirs the pot in a blog I enjoy so much!

  5. Lisa says:

    I’d rather listen to a billionaire “bombastic bozo” than to a community organizer who has never run a business or even earned a dollar in the private sector in his entire life. House Republicans proposed a serious budget plan & the president’s answer to it was a campaign speech. Obama & the democrats do nothing but spend & tax & encourage class warfare. Paul Ryan’s plan is a earnest attempt at least starting a serious discussion about how to fix our economy while the White House continues to play partisan politics.

  6. Toby Wollin says:

    Geri – the problem really does seem to be that we have people at the congressional and executive level who don’t really want to cure the problem; they just want to play political games. And while they are doing that, more people are losing their jobs; more families are losing their homes; more kids are not getting proper nutrition or healthcare. And currently, in Congress, we have a party in charge in the House which only wants to make political and social/cultural points with its base. We all do notice that every time before the last election that a jobs bill was brought up, it was squashed, and now that the ownership of the House has changed hands, no jobs bills have come up at all, but lots and lots of bills that hurt women, children, the middle class and small business have been put out there.


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