Say chees-y

The women competing in the next Miss USA Pageant have a great deal going for them: Brains, talent, and good looks. So what’s new?

Julie Citro, Miss Delaware

This year, they’ve posed in lingerie for promotional photos, trying to emulate Victoria’s Secret models. The photos aren’t especially revealing, or especially classy, but they’re causing an uproar in some quarters. “Bad examples for our daughters,” one woman said. The photos don’t represent the contestants’ talents or brains.

How ridiculous. Why would something like this work anyone into a tizzy? If the contestants want to pose nude, standing on their heads, who cares?

Frankly, I’m hard pressed to understand what intrinsic value this contest has in the first place, aside from giving ticky tacky Donald Trump, owner of the pageant, another reason to expose his face and ravishing hair.

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One Response to “Say chees-y”

  1. Toby Wollin says:

    It only works if she has “Working for World Peace” printed on…the shirt.


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