“Selling” isn’t a dirty word

If someone wants to sell me something, I usually will listen to his/her pitch or tell him I’m not interested right at the start. What I won’t do is let him call me repeatedly and ignore his calls.

We’re all selling something, no matter what we do. The person who buys the clothes that fill Macy’s racks needs to sell these clothes to us, the shoppers. The  literary agent who buys an author’s manuscript has to sell it to a publisher to turn into a book. The publisher has to sell it to the buyers at the book chains. The chef who buys vegetables from a greengrocer has to sell his asparagus soufflé to diners at his restaurant.

Apparently, not everyone understands this pretty simple concept. They think of themselves only as buyers.  When someone tries to sell them something, they run in the other direction.  They don’t return calls. They never think about how they’d feel if their calls weren’t returned—when they were trying to sell something.

I will call someone 20 times if I want to sell her something and can’t get her to answer my calls or emails.  Call me shameless or call me pushy.  Just call me back.  You may actually benefit from what I’m trying to sell to you. I wouldn’t be calling you so often if I didn’t think so.

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  1. Sara says:

    Well put 🙂


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