Shall we dance?

I was a wallflower at dances when I was growing up.  I always had loads of friends, but when I got to a party, I felt like a klutz, maybe because I was usually taller and bigger than all the boys. Anyway, I never learned how to dance well, although I sure love seeing couples twirling around a room in sync.  My mom and dad took ballroom dance lessons in the sixties and could rumba and samba their way around a banquet hall with grace. I even remember them sweeping across our tiny living room. I’ve thought about taking lessons throughout the years (remember Richard Gere in Shall We Dance?) but have never gotten beyond the thought.

Some other things I wish I could do:

Speak fluent French. I took lessons for a while but my accent is horrendous.

Eat only one little cookie, drink one martini, or have one piece of bread, then quit.

Sew my own clothes.  I took clothing shop in eighth grade, and actually made a suit (skirt, jacket and blouse), but that was the extent of my haute couture experience.

Spend three months of the year in Paris, three in New York, three somewhere in the Caribbean and three in Malibu).

Be an actress.  I am, anyway, but I don’t get paid for it.

Play tennis.  My dad made me take tennis lessons when I was around seven, but I hated them.

Play the harp.  I actually did play the harp when I was seven to seventeen, but quit when I started college. I often fantasize I’ll start again, but a harp costs $25,000.

Maybe I’ll do one of these things next year.

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  1. Toby Wollin says:

    Yep, pick ONE thing and concentrate on that. But, which one thing to choose? Which one will bring you the most pleasure, health, enjoyment, etc.? If I can offer any advice, you might want to look at what you expect out of doing that one thing. For example, if you want to take dancing lessons in the hopes that you and your husband will get out more often and go dancing (which , by the way, I encourage a LOT), and your husband really is not interested in dancing, then you won’t have a whole lot of fun. So, make sure that whatever you choose, let it be something that you will get a lot of satisfaction from all by yourself.


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