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  1. CJ says:


    Thank you for giving me a nudge about my profile. I plan to work on it over the next couple of days.

    I wanted to say that everything and everyone happens in my life for a reason. When I went to your site, you had pictures, spontaneous pictures, of service persons. I just had a dream about taking my photography to another level. While I am just starting out, the dream involved going to locations around the world where we have people stationed, getting spontaneous pictures of them to bring to their families, and to bring pictures of their families in like manner back to them. It would be part of my way of giving back as I establish my new career as a photographer.

    Thanks again.

    • Geri says:

      Hi CJ,

      what a wonderful idea.


  2. Geri says:

    Hi Lynnelle,

    So happy you do.


  3. Lynnelle says:

    Thanks for the welcome, Geri. Love the website. I’ll be checking back regularly & good luck!



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