Shoe-ins from the moment I saw them

It was love at first sight when I saw the shoes in a catalog that came in the mail yesterday. They were my kind of shoes. Cute little flats in cool colors. And the store had my size, 11. I had to try them on as soon as possible. So after work, I took Rigby and walked 30 blocks to the shop. It was 7 pm and the shoe department was gloriously empty. When I tried on the flats, I was more in love than ever. They look a little like espadrilles, but they’re sexier and in satin. I wanted them in every color. “The minute the catalog hit, we were inundated with orders,” the cute, young salesman told me. “You’re lucky. The only reason we had them is because you wear a big size.” I went wild and bought the flats in three colors. I already know I’ll be wearing them all summer. I’m taking a pair on a business trip to Florida today.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Ya know, I heard all about these shoes from miss Shell. They’re mighty pretty.

    And, I usually do the exact same thing when I go to buy a $7.99 tee-shirt and it fits me well, then I’ll buy it in 5 different colors. I’m sure that’s how you felt, too.

    You think to yourself, how am I ever going to find something like this ever again!


  2. sharon Segal says:

    Geri, I wear a 10 AAAA. I really have a hard time getting shoes. But when I do I too will buy two or three in different colors. Enjoy them.

  3. Sue says:

    Love them! I wear an 11, too, and it can be a challenge to find comfortable *and* fashionable shoes in that size. And you have three colours! Do the shapes of your individual toes show through the satin? I have a pair of satin slippers in which that’s the case. I’ve always wondered about satin shoes.

  4. Duchesse says:

    Supercute! You are indeed lucky, Often really stylish shoes are not even made in 11.


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