Show Them The Door!

I recently had a new front door installed because the old door (actually, it was less than three years old) was falling apart. I couldn’t even close it when the heat and humidity set in and the wood expanded.  The carpenter who built it agreed to make me another door since the previous one was subpar.

Anyway, my former door was painted a pretty shade of blue, which seems to be color favored by Brooklyn homeowners, but I wanted to give it a new look.  When my daughter, sister and I went to the Farrow & Ball paint store to select a color, we chose Acid Drop. It’s sort of yellow. Sort of green. And definitely sort of chartreuse. I noticed a  woman and her boyfriend photographing the door, and the wonderful young couple living in the house next door stopped to stare at it!

For all I know, both couples loathe the color, but I love it.  Let me know what you think on our Facebook page. It’s okay even if you aren’t a fan.  My door is as dumb and unfeeling as a block of wood!

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