A New Skincare Line That’s Like “Liquid Surgery”

The Unfortunate Truth about the Mass Beauty Brands

ellenThe colossal mass skincare brands that throw out obscene amounts of money to market their products to American women, (L’Oreal, for example) could care less about helping FOFs eliminate OUR wrinkles and fine lines. Their TV and magazine ads and commercials, fancy packages, and drugstore displays eat up so much budget that they simply don’t invest in the finest ingredients for their “anti-aging” lotions and potions. CoverGirl may give FOF Ellen DeGeneres millions to tout its Simply Ageless products, but it’s 30 year olds they really want to court. Even beauty chemists who once worked with the big brands have revealed that their hands were tied when it came to the quality of ingredients they could use. And, I heard first-hand about how the big beauty brands operated when I created the CEO Beauty Summit for Women’s Wear Daily and met the men and women who ran them.

The Happy Emergence of “Indie” Beauty Brands

Enter independent beauty brands, many conceived  by FOF women who only use superior ingredients to create products that really do work on aging skin, including their own. And, they get the word out, not by advertising to audiences of all ages on network TV, but by working with bloggers and websites like FabOverFifty, targeted specifically to women 45+.

Nancy Duitch, 61, is one of these women, and her new beauty brand, SecretSerums, is “filled with so many active ingredients, it’s like liquid surgery” she says.

nancyNancy is CEO of a successful marketing and branding agency, called VisionWorx, which is a woman’s certified-owned business. And she had a 20-year proven track record of helping health, wellness and beauty brands generate over $2 billion in revenue. As a matter of fact, she produced one of the first infomercials for an anti-aging beauty brand in 2000.  “When I told a friend I had worked with in the beauty business that I was tired of spending so much on beauty products, she introduced me to  a formula she was developing with a leading chemist, which included 10 active ingredients that even my expensive Chanel skincare didn’t have,” Nancy recounted. “After I used the products, my husband and friends asked what kind of treatment I had, but I hadn’t had any fillers or Botox for six months,” she  swears.  “I flipped for it.  It felt better than my $400 Chanel Sublimage cream.”

The ‘Secrets’ Behind SecretSerums

Nancy was so taken with the effectiveness of the line, she decided to buy “the chemist, the formula, the whole thing,” she told me. “After building brands for 20 years, I wanted to build a brand for myself,” Nancy said. “We quietly launched SecretSerums at the end of 2015, and we’ve already generated $500,000 just on line!  We’re all pretty excited.”

Advanced Botox Derivative, which penetrates the skin fast; increases moisture content by 52%, and decreases wrinkle depth by 50%. “It performs like Botox, without injections,” Nancy says.

Professional Grade Stabilized Vitamin C, which reduces melanin synthesis by 80%; increases collagen by 50%; exfoliates the skin; provides antioxidant protection, and whitens and brightens the skin

Anti-Wrinkle Peptide, which reduces wrinkle volume by 62%; improves lifting of the skin by 77%; moisturizes and hydrates the skin

Plant Stem Cells, which increases the longevity of skin cells and reduces wrinkle depth by 15% in two weeks

Three Bio-Cellular Peptides working together to help heal and repair damaged cells and help prevent lines and wrinkles

Natural Plant Complex, which increases hydration by 5% in 24 hours

Phyto-Defense, which is especially designed for sensitive skin and reduces neurogenic inflammation as well as skin redness by 3%

A patented delivery system “which helps control the delivery of active ingredients into the skin cells, allows them to work better and longer,”  Nancy explains.

SecretSerums does not have parabens, sulfates, alcohol, petroleum, mineral oil, artificial color, animal by-products or formaldehyde. And it is not tested on animals.

A Renowned Plastic Surgeon Weighs In On SecretSerums

unnamedDr. David Feldmar, a board certified Beverly Hills cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon, learned about SerumSerums through a patient, Lynn, who happened to be the same woman who created the formula in the first place.  “I work with mostly men and women who are 40+ and I’d been looking for an effective and simple skin care product,” Dr. Feldmar told me. “So many expensive brands  require women to use multiple products every day.”  

Recommending SecretSerums mainly to patients in their 40s and 50s, Dr. Feldmar reported that he saw “fewer deep wrinkles, skin tightening, and improvements in brown spots and discolorations. I noticed a reversal and slowing down of the aging of their skin. The products actually produced the same effect as some more invasive treatments,” he said.

“The women in Beverly Hills have the money to spend on any product they want.  We’re delighted our products worked so well on their skin,” Nancy added.

Where You Can Find SecretSerums

trioThe three products currently are available on secretserums.com, and once Nancy analyzes the retail scene, she expects they will be offered on one of the home shopping networks and elsewhere. “If you buy the Anti-Aging Treatment and Bye Bye Wrinkles now, you get the Exfoliating Cleanser for free. We want to encourage women to buy all three products because together they do so much for your skin,” Nancy explained.

Based on her decades of experience launching beauty lines, Nancy knows it’s good marketing that gets people to say they’re going to try a product, and then it’s the quality of the product itself that makes them loyal to the brand. “I’d rather spend a little more on the quality of the product,” she explains. “Integrity is important to women.”

My Own Experience

I’ve been exclusively using the three SecretSerums products for the past three weeks and have noticed that my skin tone is more even, and the darkness under my eyes has diminished. The refreshing Exfoliating Cleanser works into a fluffy smooth lather, and I can feel both the micronized exfoliating powder and the fruit acid complex working on my skin.


I massage the Anti-Aging Treatment into my lines and creases, once in the morning and once in the evening, and let it absorb before applying Bye Bye Wrinkles, which I gently tap into the lines to fill them. The wrinkles serum absorbs into my skin and dries to an invisible finish. No flakes!

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