Sleeping Superbly With Sapira

FabOverFifty partnered with Sapira to bring you my review of its new luxurious and heavenly mattress.

Remember when you could fully function on a scanty amount of sleep?

Now, those zzzzz have become as important to your mind, body and soul as what you eat and how you exercise. But lately, everything from your husband’s snoring to your cat’s pouncing, is robbing you of the sleep you absolutely need. And, the mattress you bought seven years ago, after testing it out for five whole minutes in the store, isn’t doing you any favors, either.  It’s a lumpy mess.

I couldn’t remember when I last slept through the night. Over decades, I’ve tried Ambien, melatonin, and a parade of mattresses, including a ridiculously expensive, memory foam number that wouldn’t budge when I changed the sheets.  So, when the folks at Sapira offered to have me try their “luxury hybrid mattress,” a marriage of pocket springs and foam, I jumped at the opportunity. (By the way, you can only order Sapira online and it’s shipped, free, from UPS.)

Reading about the Sapira mattress before it arrived, I learned that it’s engineered by the same people who created the popular Leesa mattress, and is filled with (1) 1,000 individually wrapped steel spring coils, sandwiched between (2) high-resiliency, stabilizing foam. This core support layer is topped by (3) a layer of high-performance memory foam, which is then covered with (4) a “cooling performance” layer of high-density foam. The final layer is punched with holes to allow air flow cooling and provide “bounce.”

This great big foam and spring ‘sandwich’ creates the ideal amount of pressure relief, body contouring, cooling, and support that “you have to experience to believe,” the company states. What’s more, you don’t need pillow tops to enhance Sapira’s performance! That’s a pretty big build-up, I thought. The proof would be in the sleeping.

I was surprised when the guys brought the mattress up the front steps because it was packed in a box about the size of a coffee table. It was mighty heavy though, and my daughter-in-law helped me drag it to the bedroom. Once we extracted the rolled-up, compressed mattress from the carton, set it on the platform, and carefully cut away the thick plastic wrapping, it started coming to ‘life” as the springs stretched to their full height. It took seconds to look like a grownup mattress.

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A nice bonus: The mattress is pretty cool and distinctive looking, covered in a subtly quilted fabric with a simple and elegant striped pattern near the foot of the bed. Completely constructed in a Mississippi factory, it’s made only with quality American materials.

My first few nights sleeping on Sapira have been delightful.

The mattress is perfectly firm without being hard, soft without being saggy. The biggest test came when my four-year-old grandson, Primo, slept over. I love when he’s here, and he’s a sound sleeper, but he’s such a bundle of energy that he even rolls around all night, and keeps waking me. Not this time! I went to bed around 11 pm and woke at around 6:45 the next morning, only because Primo was ready to have his waffles and chocolate milk.  The Sapira brochure says the spring system is designed to confine your motion to your side of the mattress, and that’s absolutely true! I also feel support when I sit at the very edge of the Sapira, and don’t sink like I do on other mattresses.

You might like the way the Sapira experience sounds, but are asking yourself, ‘how could I possibly order a mattress online, when I have no idea how it feels?’ Sure, you were never a fan of mattress stores, and their pushy salespeople, but at least you could feel the firmness of their mattresses before you bought one. No problem. Not only is this mattress shipped right from the factory to your front door, it comes with a 100-night free trial. That’s a lot of nights. Once you’ve tried the Sapira mattress for at least 30 days, you can arrange a pickup and get get a full refund. Easy peasy.

Sapira feels as good as mattresses that cost thousands more (it feels exactly like my best friend’s $7,000 mattress, I swear!), but the company’s direct-to-consumer business model makes it quite affordable. You’ll also be pleased to learn that you can get interest-free financing for one whole year, which makes it an even better deal.

Considering you spend one-third of your life in bed, you really should spend it…sleeping soundly! FabOverFifty readers receive an exclusive $150 discount on the Sapira mattress. Take advantage today and enter code FAB150 at checkout!

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