Style is in the eye of the beholder

Ralph Lauren was the keynote speaker at a conference I produced for Women’s Wear Daily about 15 years ago. He came to the stage in a slouchy, double-breasted, navy blue suit that overpowered his slight frame, and his feet were dressed in espadrilles that looked silly, as far as I was concerned.

I don't love this look on him, even if he wants to look like Ralph Lauren

But who was I to critique his style? He’s Ralph Lauren. If he wears it, it’s got to be cool. Ummmm. No.

One of my former best friends, who is beautiful, loved Chanel, but she wore so much Chanel at once that she looked like a human C. It was funny and it took all the attention from her face.

Another FOF I know has a great body and hair but treats them both as if she’s Sweet Sixteen. Jeans too tight. Hair too long and too blond. Despite her hair and bod, the only thing that’s showing is something she does want to show: Her age.

Style may be subjective, but some people really don’t look as smart as they could in the clothes they choose to wear.  Take a long hard look in the mirror and decide if the person looking back at you is really the person you want others to see.

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  1. Nell Jean says:

    At a recent funeral one of my favorite nephews took my chin in his hand and said, “You have my Mother’s face.” I’m the only one left of the siblings. I know what my style is. I’ve left young and cute behind.

    • Geri says:

      Hi Nell Jean,

      I love your nephew’s quote.

      oxo Geri

  2. Vera B says:

    I think dressing appropriately as you age just gets harder and harder. You want to look youthful but not like you’re trying to emulate your granddaughter’s style. I have struggled to develop a style of my own for years and have ended up with a closet full, no that’s not right. I have a closet full, a wardrobe full, a clothes rod in a storage shop full, plus totes and totes and totes… full of clothes I don’t like, don’t fit, and wouldn’t look good in if they did fit, etc. But why do they seem to look good in the store? Before you’ve thrown down that credit card?

    How does one develop a style that fits and suits, well, “ME?”

    Anyone have an answer?

    • Geri says:

      Hi Vera,

      I have experimented with different styles over the years: Preppy and proper, fitted and sexy, flamboyant and fun, and have finally settled on a look that best suits my personality and body: A little offbeat, colorful, swingy and dramatic; long coat-style dresses with unorthodox lines, leggings, long shirts, shirt bottoms sticking out of sweaters. Clothes that are too fitted don’t work, but shapely clothes do work best for me; boxy looks are unflattering. Layered bracelets and necklaces, chunky rings. My dressing is hip, but FOF hip v. 20s hip.



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